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About us
Impulse is a Private Joint Stock Company with a long history. Founded as a Chernivtsi regional self-sustained association Impulse, the company began its work on December 1, 1988. Private Joint Stock Company Impulse is a commercial and manufacturing enterprise, main activity of which is related to the production of furniture.

During these years, its own production basis located at 8 Korostyshevskaya str. was established in Chernivtsi. In 1998-1999 the company purchased German Altendorf and Italian Vitap high-technology equipment, which increased the quality of production considerably. The basic range of furniture covers kitchen, bedroom, office furniture, furniture for banking institutions and catering establishments, children's furniture, other cabinet furniture as well as metal and wooden furniture. The company includes a design studio which projects furniture taking into account modern trends and customer requirements. Due to numerous computer programs the customer is provided with sketches and three- dimensional images of furniture in the interior before its manufacture.

Since 2000 Private JSC "Impulse" has developed a line for the production of artificial stone furniture. This material has special properties. Company employees have mastered the processing technology abroad. The use of stone in furniture production not only gave possibility for new designs, but also significantly improved technical characteristics of the finished product.

Serial production facilities and a section for the production of upholstered furniture and mattresses, equipped with the latest technology, were launched in 2002.  The enterprise started serial production of office furniture and certain types of home furniture.

In 2004, the company opened a section for the production of MDF facades coated with PVC film which made it possible to complete the products with domestic facades. The full cycle of MDF facades production was mastered.

In 2006, the section for the production of custom-made furniture was modernized with a sawing center Holzma CN (Germany) and in 2007 it was enhanced with a new edge banding machine CMT 360 (Korea).

In 2007, the storage facilities at the section of serial production were equipped with a multitier shelving system, packaging machines and stackers (Slovenia) for the storage and handling of finished product.

In 2007, the facilities for the production of metal, metal frame and school furniture were launched. This section is equipped with a camera for coloring and drying of metal parts of domestic production (Nauteh).

In 2008, this area was equipped with a CNC CNS 38S2-ROSM-4A tube bending machine (Korea) while the section for the serial production was equipped with a CNC point to point boring machine F6 HIRZT (Germany).

A modern multi-storey finished-products storage with a total area of 540 square meters, equipped with the entire storage infrastructure with loaders, an elevator and a car ramp was built in the commercial center in 2007 to improve customer service.

In 2010 a section for painting furniture components and facades and facilities for the production of natural wood furniture were brought into operation

In 2011 attention was paid to the development of a new direction creation of three-dimensional MDF and wood details, using special 3D milling equipment. It gave the possibility to decorate products with theme 3D images and classical decor. Production of stained glass using lead strip, technology of glass and mirrors frosting and patterning were mastered.

To improve customer service Private JSC "Impulse" offers services of interior design and conducts construction and repair works. The company has experience in turnkey projects.

The orders are completed from storage stocks: armchairs, chairs, electric lamps and fittings, built-in household appliances.

Highly qualified personnel works for the company. Main specialists improved their skills at educational institutions and enterprises in Ukraine, Germany, Holland and the USA. The average age of the employees is 35 years.

The furniture is made on modern equipment of certified in Ukraine materials and components. The main component of the furniture is an 18.5 mm, 22 mm or 25 mm melamine faced chipboard of E1 emission class, production of KRONO and EGGER concerns (Austria). The surface of the chipboard is coated with durable laminate. Postformed panels coated with heat-resistant plastic are used for countertops. MDF facades are painted and covered with PVC film. Open areas of wood materials are finished with 0.5-2 mm ABS edge bending tape. The edging is glued on special equipment using high-temperature technology. Colours of the edging are carefully chosen to match the colour of the chipboards and facades.

Furniture parts are connected to each other with imported joints. All fasteners are galvanized. Joints are hidden with decorative caps. Decorative accessories are ordered from leading European manufacturers.

The used hinges are all-metal, nickel plated with facilitated adjustment and soft closing of known foreign manufacturers. The furniture is finished with plastic sliders which protect flooring from damages when moving the furniture.

Metal, with various coating (gold, nickel, copper and bronze satin, etc) handles and exterior fittings are attached with metal screws.

Drawers are made with metal slides, full extension telescopic rails, metaboxes, tandemboxes and their varieties. Mobile drawer pedestals for desks or childrens rooms are mounted on rollers of reinforced structure.

Polished and finished furniture glass is used for the bookcases and cupboards. Glass shelves are installed and fixed with special holders. The back side of furniture elements is made of laminated chipboard and fixed with galvanized screws with a special head.

All furniture is made to meet the requirements and standards of ergonomics. The company ensures the compliance with existing normative and technical documents carries out guarantee obligations and provides out-of-warranty service.

Modern design and high furniture quality is confirmed by numerous diplomas of Ukrainian and international exhibitions from 2000 to 2013 as well as by customers reviews. In 2004 Private JSC Impulse became the winner of the international competition Gold trade marks, it was awarded the honorary title Golden Trade Mark, the diploma of the winner and the international prize Business Olympus. Private JSC Impulse is a finalist of the competition 100 best goods of Ukraine 2006.