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Prefer extraordinary and courageous decisions in their own interior design and furniture in your presentation should not only be beautiful and ergonomic, but compact and modern, then you are welcome!



                   Furniture factory "Impulse" is waiting for you!


The professional team of highly qualified specialists to make furniture for their own development, customized in the most reasonable period of time, using modern materials. We have furniture for people who choose practical furniture, is, for those who follow fashion, is for lovers of furniture "antique", and of course the classic and modern.


Modern technology and high quality materials used by employees of the company and high skill workers, allow to produce a great range of furniture for the bedroom, kitchen, hallway, living room, nursery, furniture made of wood, metal, mattresses and other related products are of a luxurious appearance and maximum convenience when using . Professional salespeople, designers, craftsmen, collectors with full responsibility and attention are assigned to each client.